1. What Is Kiehl's Rewards?

Kiehl’s Rewards is the Kiehl’s loyalty program where members enjoy exclusive offers, early access to seasonal promotions and new launches, and so much more. Membership is free and you earn points every time you shop online at kiehls.com.au, at any Kiehl’s Boutiques, or at an eligible Kiehl’s Counter. Members can then redeem points for Kiehl’s vouchers to use online at kiehls.com.au or in any Kiehl’s Boutique. Your annual spend will determine a tier status and each tier unlocks even more benefits. Being a member of the Kiehl’s family has never been so rewarding!

2. Can I Track And Manage My Kiehl’s Rewards Account Online?

Yes! You can log into your Kiehl’s Rewards Dashboard at kiehls.com.au and visit My Rewards to review your member account details and update any of your personal details.

3. Are There Any Requirements To Join Kiehl’s Rewards?

Kiehl’s Rewards is free to join here. To create a Kiehl’s Rewards Account, simply provide your full name and email address, plus your date and month of birth to receive your exclusive Kiehl’s Rewards Birthday Reward. If you are creating an account online, you will also need to create a password.

4. Can I Join Kiehl’s Rewards In Any Store Where Kiehl’s Products Are Sold?

You can join Kiehl’s Rewards online here. Otherwise, you can join at any Kiehl’s Boutique or eligible Kiehl’s Counter using the Kiehl’s Rewards Registration form. Ask your Kiehl’s Customer Representative in-store for more details. Currently, you cannot join Kiehl’s Rewards at MECCA stores.

5. How Do I Start Earning Points?

You earn points every time you shop in-store or online with Kiehl’s using your Kiehl’s Rewards Account. $1 spend = 1 point. Be sure to log in online or identify yourself to a Kiehl’s Customer Service Representative in store to ensure your purchases are correctly assigned to your member profile, otherwise you might miss out.

6. Is It Possible For Me To Lose Points?

Yes, each point expires 12 months after the date it was earned. If you return your order after points were assigned, those points will be deducted from your points balance.

7. I Placed An Order But I Haven’t Gotten Points For It!

Online shoppers: points for purchases made at kiehls.com.au will be awarded once the order is shipped. In-store shoppers: points for purchases made in-store can take up to 24 hours to appear on your Kiehl’s Rewards Dashboard.

8. I'm Having Trouble Earning Points For My Activities. Who Can I Contact?

Feel free to call us at 1300 060 116. Alternatively, speak to one of our Kiehl’s Customer Representatives online now. Look for and click the ‘Chat With Kiehl’s’ icon. We’re happy to help.

9. How Do I Redeem My Points For Vouchers?

Simply log into your online account and select "Claim" on any available voucher within your Kiehl’s Rewards Dashboard. Then follow the instructions at checkout to complete your purchase with your reward applied.

10. What Are My Redeemable Points?

Your Redeemable Points are the number of points you have available to redeem for vouchers. This number decreases with each reward you redeem. To review your current points balance, log in and visit your Kiehl’s Rewards Dashboard.

11. Can I Transfer My Points Or Rewards To Another Member?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer (or sell) Redeemable Points or redeemed rewards to anyone else. Any accounts suspected of this will lead to forfeiture of acquired points and possible suspension or termination of your Kiehl’s Rewards Account.

12. Can I Use My Rewards Voucher In-Store?

Yes, Reward Vouchers can be redeemed at any Kiehl’s Boutique. Simply speak to your Kiehl’s Customer Representative and they will help you process your reward in-store.

13. Can I Return An Order Where I Redeemed A Rewards Voucher?

Yes. If you return or cancel an order in which you redeemed a Rewards Voucher you will be reissued the Rewards Voucher to your account, with its original expiry. You will not receive the points back.

14. Are There Any Limitations To The Number Of Rewards I Can Redeem?

You may claim as many Rewards Vouchers as you like, but you can only use one Rewards Voucher per transaction. Other benefits, such as tier benefits, may be able to be used in conjunction with Rewards Vouchers depending on the promotion. More information will be provided to you at the time of each promotion.

15. How Do I Earn Points For My Kiehls.com.au Online Purchases?

To earn points you must be logged into your Kiehl’s Rewards Account. If you are not logged in, then you will be unable to earn points for your purchases or for other activities. NOTE: Points will be added to your account at the time when your order is shipped.

16. How Do I Earn Points For Kiehl’s Purchases Made At Other Retail Locations?

To earn points in a retail location you must complete your purchase with a Kiehl’s Customer Representative and provide your email address from your Kiehl’s Rewards Account. If you are not yet a Kiehl’s Rewards member, you must sign up to the program using our in-store signup form prior to making your purchase. If you purchase at MYER or David Jones from a different counter or someone who is not a Kiehl’s Customer Representative, then you will be unable to earn points for your purchase. You cannot earn points for purchases outside a Kiehl’s Counter, and you cannot earn points for MECCA purchases.

17. Can I Still Earn Points For Transactions Made Prior To Joining The Kiehl’s Rewards Program?

We cannot award points for previous purchases. You must have been enrolled in the program prior to your purchase to earn points.

18. What Benefits Do Members Receive?

When you join the program, you are automatically enrolled as a Silver Wings Member. The more you shop as a Kiehl’s Rewards member, the more benefits you receive. You can find full details of the membership tier benefits here. Your Kiehl’s Rewards membership year starts from (i) the date you joined Kiehl’s Rewards or (ii) the date you changed tiers (whichever date is later) and runs for 12-months. For more information, refer to the Kiehl’s Rewards rewards-terms-and-conditions.

19. How Do I Maintain My Membership Tier?

Once you reach a tier level, you will be able to enjoy the benefits for 12 months unless your spend increases and you move to a new tier. If your spend for those 12 months is less than the minimum required for that level, you will downgrade to the previous tier.

20. How Do I Redeem My Birthday Reward?

7 days before your birthday, you will receive an email informing you that your Kiehl’s Rewards Birthday Reward is available in your Kiehl’s Rewards Dashboard (if you have not opted out of receiving loyalty communications). You can view all available rewards in the My Available Rewards section of your Kiehl’s Rewards Dashboard. Instructions on how to redeem each benefit will be available when you are notified.

21. How Do I Redeem Other Tier Benefits?

You will receive an email when you receive access to exclusive benefits as part of your tier (if you have not opted out of receiving loyalty communications). You can view all available rewards in the My Available Rewards section of your Kiehl’s Rewards Dashboard. Instructions on how to redeem each benefit will be available when you are notified.

22. Kiehl’s Rewards Emails

Your Kiehl’s Rewards communications are an important part of being a member of the program and are separate from standard Kiehl’s marketing emails. These emails notify you about crucial aspects of the program, such as when you are eligible for a reward or when you upgrade, downgrade or maintain a tier. If you no longer wish to receive these Kiehl’s Rewards communications, you can click ‘Unsubscribe’ or update your preferences at the bottom of your latest Kiehl’s Rewards email, or contact Customer Service on 1300 060 116. Alternatively, if you are looking to unsubscribe from marketing emails, log in to your online account and update your communication preferences on your My Account page or click ‘Unsubscribe’ at the bottom of your latest Kiehl’s marketing email.

23. How Does Recycle & Be Rewarded Work?

You can return your empty Kiehl’s products to participating Kiehl’s Boutiques and Kiehl’s counters for a complimentary gift. You can view your Recycle & Be Rewarded history on your Rewards History page. Currently, you cannot receive points for your empty returns. Return either 3, 5 or 10 empty bottles to receive your gift(s). Available in-store only. For full details, visit the Recycle & Be Rewarded page.