with our nature powered masks.


Kiehl’s Masks are packed with advanced and natural ingredients to deliver an instant boost of benefits to your skin. You can mix and match them into your routine as your skin needs change day to day, day to night, and season to season.


Meet our masks collection for every concern


Experience multi-masking

Each person will notice the skin on different parts of their face will have varying needs, whether it be an oily T-Zone with drier patches on the cheeks or around the chin area. The idea of multi-masking ensures each part of the skin is being tailored to and getting the treatment it needs.



How To Apply:

1. Apply a thick layer of Rare Earth Mask to your T-zone and a visible layer of Calendula Soothing Mask to your cheeks.
2. Rinse them both off after 10min with warm water.

Our expert says: “These two naturally powered masks cleanse and revitalise your skin. The Aloe Vera in the Calendula Soothing Mask will give you an instant cooling sensation along with hydrating the skin, whilst the Amazonian clay in the Rare Earth Mask will cleanse any impurities.”

Joey, Kiehl’s Counter Manager at Myer Sydney



Multi-Mask for an Instant Radiance!                   




How To Apply:

1. Apply a thick layer of Rare Earth Mask to your T-zone and a visible layer of Calendula Soothing Mask to your cheeks.
2. Rinse them with warm water while gently massaging to remove the masks.

Our expert says: “The Amazonian white clay in our Rare Earth Mask will provide a deep cleanse and minimise pores whilst our Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Mask will provide a radiant skin tone. Apply Rare Earth Mask of T-zone and Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Mask to your cheeks and leave it for 10mins. Gently splash face with warm water while massaging to remove the masks as this will ensure a gentle exfoliation. Once skin is completely clean, proceed with normal routine.”

Cathy, Kiehl’s Store Manager at Kiehl's Burnside Boutique




How To Apply:

1. Apply a thick layer of the Rare Earth Mask all over face. Rinse off after 10mins.
2. Apply Cilantro & Orange Mask all over face. Rinse off after 10mins.

Our expert says: “The Amazonian Clay in the Rare Earth Mask helps to remove toxins and oil from the skin which in turn minimizes pores and the leaves the skin feeling extremely clean and soft. And the cilantro and the vitamin C in the Pollutant Defending Mask helps to combat pollutants and helps dull skin to become more radiant with continuous use.

The combination of both masks deeply cleans the skin and helps fight pollution, leaving skin clean and dull complexions more radiant by morning. Both masks help to eliminate toxins and pollutants. It is a combination made in Heaven!”

Jennifer, Kiehl’s Customer Representative at Kiehl's Chatswood Chase Boutique


Multi-Mask for a Bright Hydration!


Ultra Facial Overnight Hydration mask                                  



How To Apply:

1. Apply the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Mask all over face (except eye area) for 5-10 minutes.
2.Soften with warm water and massage skin in a gentle, circular motion. Rinse off and pat dry.
3. Apply a generous layer of Ultra Facial Overnight Mask all over face and leave on for 10 minutes.
4.Use a tissue or towel to remove excess but leave a thin layer intact to continuously replenish skin’s moisture throughout the night.

Our expert says: “This is the perfect combination to help increase your hydration level as well as improve radiance of the skin!

Turmeric has been used historically to treat skin imperfection as well as improve the brightness of skin. Cranberry is rich in antioxidants and natural source of resveratrol which protect skin against damage. The cranberry seeds exfoliate the skin to make it feel renewed and look energized and radiant. It’s a great instant facial mask to treat dull and fatigued skin and promote a healthy and rosy appearance of the skin.

For deep hydration, our Ultra Facial Overnight Mask will boost the skins ability to absorb and hold moisture. Formulated with fountain plant, this mask will fill the skin’s hydration reservoir to help reduce moisture depletion. Combined with squalene, as well as fragment hyaluronic acid, this mask is able to penetrate deeply replenish your skin whilst glacial proteins and desert plan leaves skin smooth, softer and refresh by morning.”

Connie, Kiehl’s Counter Manager at Myer Highpoint



Don't forget your eyes!


Did you know? Our #1 customer favourite eye treatment can also be used as a mask for deep hydration.

Our expert says: “The combination of deeply nourishing Avocado Oil and Beta-Carotene antioxidant help repair the driest of eyes and protect it from future damage. Smooth a generous amount of the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado over the orbital bone under the eye. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then remove with a tissue in a gentle upward motion.

Wonderful to pair with our sensational Mask collection to give your eyes the V.I.P. experience!”

Patrick, Kiehl’s Counter Manager at David Jones Melbourne


Application tip!


The best way to get even coverage when applying a mask is to use a brush. It is also very hygienic.

Our expert says: “By using a brush for your mask you will get a smooth, even application over the surface area of your face and neck, you will also have less product wastage and you won’t be contaminating any of your products by repeatedly using your hands.   Dip the brush into your product, then in long upwards sweeping motions apply the brush to create an even layer over your face and neck.”

Irene, Kiehl’s Counter Manager at David Jones Hay Street