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Benefits of Turmeric for Skin

The list of turmeric benefits for skin is impressive, so we’ve created a guide to how this longstanding ingredient works. Learn why turmeric is good for skin.

benefits of turmeric for skin

An ingredient used widely in food for its health benefits, turmeric is high in nutritional value thanks to its status as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. If these features sound familiar to your favourite skincare products, it’s because they are! Just like with cult-favourite ingredients retinol and vitamin C, the antioxidant component of the bright orange flowering plant makes turmeric good for skin too.

The range of turmeric benefits for skin can assist those with oily and acne-prone concerns, alongside dulled, dry and maturing skin. Natural and suitable for use with other potent ingredients, turmeric skincare works as a gentle addition to morning and evening routines.

To see why turmeric uses for skin are so efficacious, we’ve rounded up a list of its protective and radiance-boosting abilities. Ahead, find which turmeric skin benefits can help you attain glowing, clarified skin and which ingredients to use alongside turmeric skincare products.

The history of turmeric skin benefits

Used for centuries in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, the benefits of turmeric on face and in diets alike result mainly from its primary compound, curcumin. Curcumin is an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial substance behind the great turmeric acne scars support – also helping it to decrease redness and encourage cell production.

A cousin of ginger, turmeric is native to Southeast Asia – where it’s ground down to achieve the powder form used as a spice. Aside from curcumin, turmeric benefits for skin result from its inclusion of antioxidants (including vitamin C), fatty acids and other supportive vitamins.

Benefits of turmeric on face

Environmental stressors can impact every skin type – and in Australia, factors like UV radiation and dry climates can cause cell damage and compromise the skin barrier. What makes natural ingredients like turmeric good for skin is their regenerative compounds, which work with skin’s natural substances to gently strengthen skin. The best turmeric skin benefits are below.

1. Can help to fade acne scars

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory components of turmeric skincare can assist with acne breakouts in a couple of ways. Blemishes – including pimples, whiteheads and imperfections – are caused most frequently by bacteria (specifically Propionibacterium acnes). The curcumin compound in turmeric can help to clear bacteria from pores, reducing the occurrence of breakouts. The anti-inflammatory attribute of the ingredient is what gives turmeric acne scars support, by helping to reduce their formation. Because of their alignment with skin, turmeric skincare products can be used in conjunction with acne-prone products such as salicylic acid-infused Blue Herbal Acne Cleanser Treatment.

2. Provides antioxidant support

Environmental factors like pollution and UV radiation can cause oxidative stress to skin cells – which contributes to the breakdown of healthy skin and causes sagging, dullness and premature ageing. Antioxidants have the unique ability to neutralise this phenomenon – and there are plenty of turmeric antioxidants – including polyphenols, flavonoids and curcuminoids. When applied in the morning, turmeric uses for skin can help to reduce the effects of oxidative stress of UV radiation experienced throughout the day.

3. Assists with skin brightening

Curcuminoid antioxidants are unique to turmeric and can also assist in decreasing the appearance of uneven skin tones and dark spots. It does this by reducing hyperpigmentation – the phenomenon that encourages melanin to rapidly produce and darken skin. With frequent use, turmeric can help to clarify complexions. Turmeric skin brightening products can also be used in conjunction with other brightening products, including those that also contain antioxidants like activated C.

turmeric and cranberry mask

How to implement turmeric skincare

Because of its supportive nature, turmeric benefits for skin can be experienced through long-wear products like face masks, and in conjunction with a range of other skincare ingredients. Implementing naturally sourced ingredients into your skincare routine is an effective way of ensuring your skin’s balance is maintained and everyday stress is reduced. Our suggestions for turmeric uses for skin are below.

Use a turmeric facemask

To ensure your skin receives as much curcumin antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits as possible, we recommend using a turmeric-infused face mask once per week. Onto cleansed skin, apply our turmeric super-mask Turmeric & Cranberry Energising Radiance Mask . The combination of turmeric, cranberry seeds and kaolin clay works to help reduce the appearance of dullness and helps to protect skin from external elements. While the buttery texture helps to improve the texture of skin, the crushed cranberry seeds gently exfoliate to leave skin looking radiant.

Follow with further antioxidants

Maximise the antioxidant support by following your weekly face mask with an antioxidant-rich face oil. After rinsing skin, pat light-weight Daily Reviving Concentrate Facial Oil over your face. The ginger root essential oil helps further defend skin from oxidative stress, supporting energised and brightened skin for the long-term. Finish with SPF to keep your skin glowing.

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