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How to Manage Dark Circles

Our skin shows damage or stress in a variety of ways. One commonly experienced concern is the appearance of dark circles under eyes. Usually associated with a lack of sleep and stress, dark eye circles can occur in all skin tones and types. When they appear, dark circles can increase dullness in skin and reduce the overall appearance of vitality.

Addressing and managing dark circles contributes to reduced signs of ageing and improves skin’s brightness – so it’s no surprise that finding the right dark circles remedy is a popular pursuit.

As with anything skincare related, it helps to understand the origins and motivators first. For dark circles under eyes causes and how to reduce them effectively, read on.

manage dark circles with essential oils in midnight recovery concentrate and vitamin c eye serum

What are dark circles under eyes?

The skin around our eyes is 40% thinner than the rest of our face – making it especially prone to showing the effects of external stressors. Some of those stressors include sun exposure and pigmentation, as well as ageing, hormonal changes and stress. One of the more common results are dark eye circles or bags under eyes – being areas of skin underneath the eyes that appear darker. There are two types of dark circles, each with their own causes.

Blue dark circles: purple or blue-appearing hues in the skin under eyes, seen more often in those with lighter skin tones. This occurrence isn’t cause by blood or veins, rather it can be caused by puffiness, excess fluid or the muscle used to close your eyelids.

Brown dark circles: light to darker brown hues under eyes, that usually appear in those with olive or darker skin tones. Also known as ‘pigmented type IV’, this form of dark under eyes are less related to puffiness and instead can be accelerated through exposure to sun.

Causes of dark circles

While the association with tiredness can be true, dark under eyes are also caused by a range of other stressors. Unfortunately, genetics can play a big part in how often this skin concern appears – if they’re a common occurrence, you may be predisposed to them. Alongside genes and busy or stressful lifestyles, dark circles under eyes causes also include:

  • Sun exposure
  • Dehydration
  • Poor diets and excessive salt intake
  • Excessive drinking

The best formulas for dark under eyes

A well-picked and efficacious skincare routine can improve the look and feel of skin in transformative and long-term ways – and dark eye circles are no exception. If you’re wondering how to prevent dark circles, there isn’t a single cure-all answer. Instead, a combination of brightening eye creams and positive lifestyle habits can help to improve the look of your eye area. Ahead are the best ingredients for addressing bags under eyes and dark circles.

Vitamin C

Known for its brightening ability, vitamin C is often used in formulas to diminish discolouration and dark spots. As an antioxidant, vitamin C can help manage damage caused to skin via sun exposure and prevent further oxidisation from occurring. Alongside dark circles under eyes, using this ingredient can improve signs of ageing around the eyes like fine lines and crow’s feet. Our Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing & Dark Circle-Diminishing Vitamin C Eye Serum also includes hyaluronic acid and tri-peptide to rehydrate this delicate eye area and reduce bags under eyes.

pure retinol & peptides

A powerfully efficacious ingredient, retinol can improve a range of skin concerns – including dark under eyes. A derivative of vitamin A, the pure retinol used in our Retinol Skin-Renewing Daily Micro-Dose Serum is gentle enough for use on sensitive skin. The inclusion of peptides enhances skin’s integrity for visibly stronger and younger results. Use this serum to hydrate, refine and brighten the texture around the eyes.

Essential oils & botanical extracts

Naturally sourced, plant-based oils offer a huge variety of skin benefits and are a main feature of our skincare glossary. One oil that improves dark circles under eyes is lavender essential oil, which helps to stimulate skin for a fresher and brighter looking eye area. Found in our Midnight Recovery Eye evening concentrate, this formula combines squalane and evening primrose oil to effectively reduce dark eye circles and plump the skin around the eyes.

lavender essential oil naturally manage dark circles under eyes

Other tips for how to manage dark circles under eyes

To maintain healthy-looking skin, its important to combine your skincare routine with positive daily habits. You may not be able to remove dark circles completely, but by following these steps you’ll achieve softer, brighter and happier skin.

1.     Remove makeup products gently

The eye area is especially sensitive. To ensure your skin has time to rest, always remove makeup before bed. Using a gentle cleanser like the Ultra Facial Cleanser will remove makeup and impurities without causing friction to the eye area. 

2.     Use a cold compress

When the blood vessels under eyes dilate, dark circles can become exacerbated. To counter this, hold a cold compress, ice-cold spoon or chilled cucumber slices on the eye area to make the vessels contract.

3.     Always use sun protection

Regular SPF is especially important in Australia, where UV rays are especially harsh. With constant exposure to the sun, the area of skin around the eyes can become discoloured, loose and prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Ensure sunscreen is applied daily and reapplied every two hours.

4.     Get proper sleep

Sleep can be hard to conquer, especially during busy or stressful periods in life. Prioritising a healthy amount of sleep with help skin to rest and reduce the look of tiredness (of which dark circles are a major factor!). When sleeping, try propping your head up with two pillows to reduce bags under eyes.

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