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Guide to Skin Firming Ingredients

Does your skincare have skin tightening ingredients? Read our guide to learn what to look for in a skin firming cream and how to tighten neck skin.

skin firming ingredients

As we age, the cumulative exposure to external stressors and internal changes to our body causes the dermis layer of skin to weaken. As a consequence, we can experience loose skin, fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.

While the ageing process is natural, these visible symptoms can become exasperated without proper care. Skin firming routines can aid in addressing existing sagging skin and help to prevent new signs of ageing.

Kiehl’s potent formulas help to celebrate natural skin by promoting strength and beauty for the long-term. For how to tighten skin and support your skin barrier, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to efficacious skin firming ingredients. Discover how to implement a proactive and preventative skin tightening routine with anti-ageing products ahead.

The science behind loose skin

One of the major concerns in ageing skincare is sagging skin around the face and neck. This symptom is both naturally occurring and increased through certain daily habits. Young skin is able to bounce back and retain its shape, thanks to the steady production of substances like collagen and elastin. ‘Youthful glows’ have a lot to thank collagen for in particular – it provides structure to our outermost layer of skin (the dermis), which keeps skin’s texture plump and bouncy. As we age, our natural production of collagen and other skin firming proteins decreases, leading to sagging or loose skin.

In tandem with these physical changes are the cumulative effects of oxidisation – otherwise known as sun damage. Repeated exposure to UV rays heightens the breakdown of elastin in skin and can thin the epidermis, resulting in wrinkles and loose skin.

Skin tightening ingredients

The glossary of ingredients used across Kiehl’s skincare promotes strengthened vitality in skin, so that you can address concerns like skin sagging and achieve a visibly firmer and brighter complexion. From skin firming cream to concentrated serums, our range of anti-ageing products are packed with elasticity-boosting and skin tightening ingredients. View the selection of efficacious ingredients used across our range and discover how to tighten skin with a daily routine below. 


Naturally derived from both olives and sugarcane, squalane is a highly refined oil which absorbs into skin at an exceptional rate. Because of its high compatibility with skin, this super lipid can assist our natural oil (sebum) in stabilising the skin barrier and increasing moisture content. Increased moisture equals heightened skin tightening and elasticity, making squalane-rich formulas an efficacious way to address loose skin. Midnight Recovery Concentrate combines squalane with evening primrose oil and lavender essential oil to nourish skin overnight.

Evening primrose oil

Also found in Midnight Recovery Concentrate, evening primrose oil is an extracted botanical packed with essential fatty acids. Taken from the seeds and fresh plant of a flowering plant, this oil provides skin with Omega 3 and 6 when applied. These fatty acids are great building blocks for improved skin elasticity. Evening primrose oil can be found across our Midnight Recovery range. 

Micro-filtered yeast extract

To redefine facial contours, Precision Lifting And Pore-Tightening Concentrate tones and uplifts skin. Included in this clinically tested serum is micro-filtered yeast extract – a pore-tightening ingredient that can visibly lift skin. Extracted from fresh yeast, the formula is then put through a triple micro-filtration process. This produces an ultra-purified and protein-rich form of yeast, which can contribute to firmed and lifted skin. 

Geranium essential oil

As mentioned, oxidisation through UV rays is a major contributor to sagging skin. For how to tighten face skin effectively, this stressor should be addressed within your routine. Alongside daily use of SPF, antioxidants can help to reduce oxidative damage and protect against future exposure. One antioxidant also known to help in skin tightening is geranium essential oil, found in Precision Lifting and Pore-Tightening Concentrate. Our version of this powerful ingredient is steam-distilled, to ensure the most potent components remain.

Hyaluronic acid

A powerhouse of the skincare world, hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water. Once absorbed, this skin-strengthening ingredient is able to hold moisture in – preventing loss of texture and elasticity in skin. Included in the lightweight Vital Skin-Strengthening Hyaluronic Acid Super Serum is our smallest molecular size of hyaluronic acid. By delivering this version, the deepest surface layers of skin can regain moisture and bounce.

Adaptogenic herbal complex

Herbal components used in traditional medicine feature across our skin firming products, thanks to their known application. A blend of ginseng root, holy basil and schisandra berry, this formula is found and included in Vital Skin-Strengthening Hyaluronic Acid Super Serum. The combination of these natural extracts helps to strengthen skin against stressors like pollution, and renew radiance in skin’s texture.

Proxylane GX & Phytomimetic vitamin A

The breakdown of skin firming components occurs at a cellular level. The natural lifecycle of cells is required for revitalised skin, but as we age this process begins to slow and weaken. We’ve included patented biomolecule proxylane GX and the botanical phytomimetic vitamin A in our Super Multi-Corrective Cream, to create the best neck cream possible. These ingredients improve the structural integrity for newly lifted and resilient skin.

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skin firming ingredients


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