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An intensive moisturiser, body butter is an effective way to achieve soft, glowing and hydrated skin all over. Similar to nourishing face masks, this body skincare product assists in addressing compromised skin moisture barriers in order to regain healthy moisture levels

For those uninitiated, what is body butter? This guide dives into the ingredients and benefits that make up this hydrating superhero and demonstrates the best ways to implement into your body skincare routine.

When skin feels tight and looks flaky or dry, see how to use body butter for regained radiance and bounce. Kiehl’s plant-powered and skin-boosting formulas are ahead.


How does body butter work?

You may be familiar with this body-specific skincare product but might not know the specifics that go into it. So, what does body butter do? Thicker than regular moisturisers, you can think of body butter as a powerful hydrator for skin. Typically formulated with oils and butters like shea butter and avocado oil, body butter implements deeply hydrating support to skin. Kiehl’s body lotions use plant-derived emollients and humectants that have a natural affinity to skin. This allows skin to absorb and take on the hydrating properties quickly and retain them for longer.

What is body butter used for?

All skin types need moisture supplementation. Throughout the day and while we sleep, skin experiences a phenomenon called trans-epidermal water loss. This refers to moisture drawn away from skin by external factors, and which skincare like body butter returns.

While the benefits may seem most compatible for those with dry skin, body butter can be implemented across all skin types. Especially in dry weather periods like winter and harsher climates, the intense nourishment from body butter formulas can return much-needed hydration to skin. Body butter can aid in the support of:

  • Tight sensations
  • Flaky or dead skin on surface layers
  • Dulled skin appearance

How do you use body butter?

Just like with all skincare products, applying body butter the right way can help to enhance results. Many of the most asked questions on this skincare product surround application techniques. Let’s dispel some of the myths around how to use body butter and walk through the key to skin hydration for soft and glowing skin.

1. Cleanse first

Every facial skincare routine starts with cleansing, and your body is no different. During dry weather when bodies can benefit from especially nourishing formulas, we recommend opting for a hydrating body cleanser. Crème De Corps Smoothing Oil-To-Foam Body Cleanser is an oil-based cleanser which transforms into foam throughout use. Featured ingredients include castor oil and grapeseed oil. Both naturally derived, these oils help to gently cleanse away impurities and deliver essential fatty acids to skin. We recommend cleansing with cool to warm water, as very hot water temperatures can impact the skin moisture barrier.

2. Apply body butter right after showering

Once sweat, dirt and debris have been removed from skin, lightly towel-dry. Here’s where body butter fits in your routine. How much to use will depend on your skin type and level of dryness, but we recommend starting with a small amount and increasing as needs be. Top tip: applying onto slightly damp skin will help to seal in surface moisture.

Can I use body butter in the shower? Moisturisers like body butter need time to sit in skin and absorb, so we recommend applying them after showering. And for those of you wondering ‘do you wash body butter off?’ – consider the product the same way as you would a moisturiser! Though thicker in texture, body butter can still absorb fully into skin.

3. Focus on dry areas

All skin can take on the hydrating properties of body butter, but some areas of skin can especially benefit. You may have noticed that certain areas of the body tend to experience dryness more regularly. When applying body butter to skin, pay extra attention the following areas:

  • Arms and elbows
  • Ankles
  • Knees
  • Shoulders and areas regularly exposed to sun/dry climates

Crème De Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter

Kiehl’s decadent body butter is formulated with an air-whipped texture, for faster absorbing hydration. Infused with a delicate and light scent, this 24-hour hydrating product can be implemented across the skincare routines of every skin type. To promote optimal levels of moisture and provide soft and brightened skin, our body butter includes the following natural ingredients:

Honey: A flower nectar broken down into simple sugars when it reaches honeycomb stage. We use honey as an emollient – which is the softening component of moisture.

Jojoba butter: A superstar moisturiser, jojoba butter is refined from the oil extracted from desert shrub seeds. Within Kiehl’s formulas, jojoba butter is used to nurture and promote moisture in skin.

Shea butter: A natural lipid extracted from the fruit of the African Karate tree. Shea butter helps to protect skin from dehydration and improve the appearance of dry skin.

Discover Crème De Corps Soy Milk & Honey Whipped Body Butter.

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