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Seasonal changes to skin can happen to everyone, no matter your skin type. In summer, its likely you’ve noticed the effects of warmer weather. Those with oily skin might experience increased oiliness, leading to a shiny appearance. Dry skin types usually experience the opposite effect – with heightened sun exposure causing dehydration.

Just like with a morning and evening routine, your skincare should be different depending on the time of year. This doesn’t have to mean a full overhaul of products though – summer skincare essentials are all about paring it back to supportive basics.

Some ingredients are especially effective at addressing humidity or UV radiation. Ahead, perfect your skincare routine for summer with the right steps. The right summer skincare routine for dry skin, sensitive and acne-prone types can be found in this comprehensive guide.  

The science behind summer skincare

Summer changes our skin in a few ways. An increase in hot weather causes the body to lose water, and especially from the skin. A lack of hydration is bad news for the skin barrier (our outermost, protective layer of skin). When the skin barrier is compromised, the layers underneath become exposed and stressed. When used the right way, summer skincare products protect skin against the following concerns:

  • Dead skin build-ups: Dry air can heighten the presence of dead skin cells on the surface. When these cells are left to accumulate, complexions look dull and the texture of skin becomes rough and flaky.
  • Oiliness: Sweat glands can go into overdrive with temperature rises. To cool itself down, the body produces more oil - this can cause pores to become congested, leading to breakouts alongside shininess.
  • UV radiation: Increased sun exposure compromises skin cells. Without proper protection, outcomes can include hyperpigmentation, premature ageing and sun spots.

Skincare routine for summer

A simplified and protective approach to your skincare can benefit skin health into the future. In winter, skincare is layered to keep moisture locked in. Summer skincare essentials are minimal and paired down, focusing on three key steps:

1.     Cleanse

2.     Hydrate

3.     Protect

To keep your complexion glowing, we’ve listed the best summer skincare and how to use it.

1. Apply SPF

In Australia, we experience proportionally high levels of UV radiation1. With more time spent outdoors, summer skincare products need to provide adequate protection. Sunscreen is arguably the most important part of a skincare routine for summer. As the last step, broad-spectrum, high SPF sunscreen should be applied. This helps to protect skin against visible signs of premature ageing like wrinkles and fine lines, dehydration, hyperpigmentation and dulled complexions.

1’What is UV?’ 

2. Opt for non-comedogenic formulas

Because of the uptake in oil flow, our pores are more likely to become clogged in summer. Acne-prone skin types often experience an increase in imperfections, blemishes and breakouts in summer because of this. To combat blocked pores, opt for non-comedogenic skincare. This means moisturisers, serums and cleansers that are formulated so that they won’t fill pores. The best summer skincare for blemish-prone skin types is both hydrating and non-comedogenic - our Ultra Facial Oil Free ticks these boxes in gentle, lightweight formulas.

1. Cleanse morning and night

Cleansers feature in skincare routines year-round, but in summer, its important to use the product both morning and night. Hot nights means that a build-up of sweat can often occur as we sleep. To keep pores clear and skin refreshed, use a light cleanser when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Look for gentle formulas that remove dirt, debris and sweat without taking away important natural oils. This will help skin to keep hydration locked in throughout dry weather.

4. Consider your ingredients

We know that skin responds differently to each season – and you can switch up skincare ingredients too. Summer skincare should include the right formulation of ingredients targeted to summertime skin concerns. Remember that some products – like retinol – can sensitise skin to UV radiation. While the benefits of retinol can be transformative for skin, application should be followed up with sunscreen the next morning. We recommend applying a retinol product at night, and always use sunscreen in the AM.

Summer skincare products

Ultra Facial Cleanser

Suitable for all skin types (including sensitive), this mild foaming cleanser moisturisers as it refreshes skin. Avocado oil, apricot kernels and squalane are combined to gently exfoliate, nourish and purify skin. To help protect skin against dry air, the supportive formula won’t remove natural oils.

Discover Ultra Facial Cleanser.

Calendula Herbal Extract Toner

Because of their ability to target excess oil and protect against pores becoming clogged, toners are a great summer skincare product. Frequent time outdoors can also cause tender sensations and redness – so we recommend using a skin comforting formula. Calendula Herbal Extract Toner is alcohol free and infused with calendula petals, which can help to reduce visible redness.

Discover Calendula Herbal Extract Toner.

Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

In terms of summer skincare essentials, vitamin C is a gold standard ingredient. That’s because the antioxidant is especially effective at targeting skin stress from UV exposure. Alongside your sunscreen use, applying this vitamin C-infused serum can help to protect against cell oxidisation, visible signs of premature ageing and skin stress.

Discover Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate.

Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream

When it comes to summer skincare products, the key is to keep things light. To provide hydration without overwhelming skin, our serum-infused water cream is formulated with a fast-absorbing formula. Calendula serum provides 24-hour moisture without clogging pores or leaving residue.

Discover Calendula Serum-Infused Water Cream.

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